What is Sweatcoin and How Does it Work?

What is Sweatcoin and How Does it Work?

Sweatcoin is a new fitness app with a very special feature. Sweatcoin rewards you with money for every kilometer you travel. You can then exchange this reward for different rewards.

To use Sweatcoin you need an Android smartphone with at least Android 4.4 or for Apple users an iPhone 5s. The movement sensor of the smartphone tracks your steps. For every thousand steps you get about one unit of the digital currency Sweatcoin (literal translation: “sweat coin”). You can then exchange this currency for certain premiums in the app’s marketplace.

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Sweatcoin: Doing sports and getting money for it

For the start Sweatcoin shot to the top of the app charts. At times, the fitness app was even more popular than heavyweights like WhatsApp, Instagram or YouTube.

Of course, one should not indulge in illusions: you will not get rich with Sweatcoin. You can only buy 5 sweatcoins per day in the standard subscription. In addition, the algorithm that counts the running meters is not completely reliable and only evaluates about two thirds of the actual steps.

So far, it is only indirectly possible to exchange the sweatcoins in PayPal credit or euro . Maybe a direct possibility should come later. The developers of Sweatcoins plan to establish the currency so that they can act similar to Bitcoin in various file sharing. Really comparable to crypto currencies are the sweatcoins but not, because there is no fixed upper limit of currency units.

The fitness app Sweatcoin pays you for doing sports and running meters – but only in the art currency Sweatcoin. Many users wonder, therefore, whether the sweatcoins can also be converted to PayPal credit or Euros.

Find out what options you have to pay with Sweatcoin or use the credit for PayPal or another currency.

Can I turn my Sweatcoin into PayPal funds or cash?

The Sweatcoins, which you receive as a reward for kilometers traveled, you must exchange directly in the app in the “Marketplace” against the premiums. According to the developers of Sweatcoin it is “currently not possible to pay off Sweatcoins via PayPal or bank transfer.”

The goal is, however, to make Sweatcoin a currency in the long term, which is then traded on the stock exchanges. Maybe one can swap sometime Sweatcoin in PayPal or Euro. So far, this is only possible via detours, which we will introduce to you in the next paragraph.

So you can transfer Sweatcoin to PayPal

If you already have some Sweatcoin accumulated and want to exchange them now, the PayPal coupons are currently your best option, which are offered in the marketplace of the app. You buy a PayPal voucher and pay with the Sweatcoins that you have previously run.

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