Sweatcoin App Review: Is It Legit or a Scam?

Sweatcoin App Review

Every time I wanted to motivate myself to jog, it never worked out. Health and fitness, all right, but how am I supposed to force myself to do that?

Walking in the area for an hour, sweating and getting a little bit healthier in the end? That was always too little for me. Oh, it would be wonderful if someone would pay me to walk. You also had that idea, admit it.

And then I discovered Sweatcoin . Huh, what, sweat and make real money? That’s impossible! And it’s literally like this: “The free app that pays you to get fit.” First, the app was until recently not available in India. But now I could try Sweatcoin myself and I’m thrilled.Today we will discuss about more is sweatcoin legit or a scam?

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Runs and earns sweat coins

If the protagonist from “Lola Runs” had this app, she could pay off her friend’s debts immediately. Because in Sweatcoin, as the name suggests, you are collecting sweatcoins. 1,000 steps can be converted into 0.95 Sweatcoin.

But just verified steps. Should anyone come up with the idea to cheat the app using GPS spoofing, such steps are not recognized. GPS spoofing is a way to fake data and pretend that you are actually moving. So basically it will not work to sit comfortably in the car and collect sweatcoins.

Since the app prevents fraud by GPS and verifies only real activity, the location must always remain switched on. This exerts accordingly even more pressure on the battery. But there is also a power-saving mode. As a result, the verification rate of the steps may decrease slightly, saving you some power. And for the uncompromising, the app can maximize the collected steps at the expense of the battery.

How to turn sweat into gold

The app itself offers many opportunities to use sweatcoins. Donate to plant trees, redeem rich discounts with partners, or just skate bares. For example, you can buy a free trial month for a meditation app with 2.99 sweatcoins. Or there is 65% off a fancy wristwatch for just 6.5 sweatcoins.

In addition, the app offers great marathon goals. So you can take about 20 million steps, convert them into 20,000 sweatcoins and treat yourself to a brand new iPhone 8. Optionally, $ 1,000 that will be credited to you via PayPal.

But if you become too eager while sweating, I have to warn you. There is a maximum daily limit of 20 sweatcoins. And this is not true for everyone. By default, everyone is allowed to earn up to 5 sweatcoins per day. If you want more, you will be asked to pay. Fortunately, not with euros, but with the app currency. For the mentioned upper limit of 20 per day you have to pay 30 per month. If you watch a promotional video every day, you’ll get a sweatcoin every day. This way the small investment can be compensated.

Final verdict: is sweatcoin scam or legit?

Stop talking and start walking!

Sweatcoin is a digital currency, but the limits of the app are not leaving it yet. An IPO is planned anyway, then it will be a real crypto currency. The goal is that the effort of the movement has an economic value. Everyone should have the opportunity not to jog for free.

So if you still have excuses not to make you fitter and healthier, then you’re missing a hot deal. Try Sweatcoin yourself.

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