Is sweatcoin safe? How does sweatcoin make money?

Is sweatcoin safe? How does sweatcoin make money?

From England comes the latest hit in the app download charts. Sweatcoin, based on the following idea: Your daily steps are counted and there are bonuses for that. The latest figures from the WHO call us more exercise. Getting bonuses for that now can not hurt. Question only: How does sweatcoin make money? Is it safe?

The way to the new smartphone is far

Sweat a round and get for example credit with PayPal or a flight voucher. That promises the app Sweatcoin and wants to give hard-working runners even an iPhone 8 for 20.00 Sweatcoins. At first it sounds as if it could be done in a few days, in the small print Sweatcoin calculates on his side: For a smartphone you are well over two years on the road.

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The idea of ??simply running and getting a reward for it remains good, just wondering if the app works. During the first test, the app requires access to the transaction data in addition to the phone number and an e-mail address – but at the same time it does not tell you what is done with this data.

Tip : Do not give out an important private email address with the phone number.

Is sweatcoin safe?

Right at the start, there are some motivating sweatcoins, but they were lost in our test, because after trying it, we closed the app – and let’s be honest, everything was back to zero. Incidentally, steps are only converted when they are run outdoors. No problem, since we have a permanent summer. From countries where the app has been available for some time in the Appstores of Google and Apple, comes criticism that often not all steps are counted and it is also difficult to redeem awards.

Only something for the small reward in between

With small premiums or discounts for other apps, there are hardly any problems and whether someone actually runs a smartphone with Sweatcoin, seems very unlikely. Who does not read attentively during the installation and refuses appropriate access, will be quickly annoyed by the numerous messages from the app. At the latest, if Sweatcoin also wants to access the contacts, necessarily refuse, otherwise the flooded with Sweatcoin advertising.

How does sweatcoin make money?

Conclusion: Sweatcoin has all the advantages and disadvantages of a free app. You get to know a good idea, but when you’re using it all comes down to a cheap advertising bag. So wait until the idea is implemented in good quality and do not send too much data to Sweatcoin.

It has just been launched for a few days and has already placed high on the app charts, even before WhatsApp: It’s about the British fitness app Sweatcoin. But what is behind her secret of success?

A fitness application that is even more popular than WhatsApp, Instagram and YouTube? Sweatcoin is a real chart striker. For both Android and iOS, the app is downloaded frequently.

This could be due to the following characteristics.

  • The app is free and even rewards users. If you move a lot, you get sweatcoins (in English: “sweat coins”) and can dust off premiums.
  • The movements are measured with an accelerometer and the GPS of the mobile phone. Small catch: The steps have to be done outside, otherwise they will not be tracked and verified. For example, for 1000 steps the user earns 0.95 sweatcoins.
  • The more you move, the more coins you get and the more attractive the rewards will be. The app promises even different products and services such as smartphones, flight vouchers, toiletries or discounts for trendy fashion brands.

If you prefer to do something good, your sweatcoins can also donate partner charity. As soon as users redeem their coins for whatever purpose, the app receives a commission.

App that does pays money

The principle of Sweatcoin is clearly recognizable: The app wants to get less active people off their couch and encourage them to more exercise and sports. The concept sounds wonderful – but there are a few snags at second glance.

If you use the app for free, you can earn a maximum of five sweatcoins a day. As a result, it may take months to get enough coins to earn great rewards.

It is also possible to earn even more “sweat coins” – For this, the user must invite more friends to the app or complete a paid subscription.

However, some complain that the app does not always work 100%. In the app store comments, some criticize that certain steps are not counted or activities are not scored.

However, that does not seem to deter users: the fitness app has been downloaded over five million times.

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