How to Get Paid to Walk

How to Get Paid to Walk

The price is sweat: new apps like Sweatcoin promise you in return for your sports activities attractive bonuses. How to Get Paid to Walk? And are the sports apps also worthwhile for you?

One thing is certain: Sport can certainly make good money. Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo gets from Juventus for his services € 577,000 – per week . The Berlin e-sportsman Kuro “KuroKy” collected at “Dota 2” tournaments a total of prize money in the amount of 3.5 million euros. Even try to make a living with sports betting.

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All these examples show that those who want to get rich with sports need extraordinary talent, endurance and also a lot of luck. But even for the average Joe, who will certainly not be in the Champions League final this year, alternatives are available to earn money with sports.

Sweatcoin: This app makes money

The British fitness app “Sweatcoin” promises users to monetize their steps. When published in 2018, this concept created a veritable hype: After its launch, the app even displaced WhatsApp from the top of the Android charts, to date it has been downloaded more than ten million times.

The basic principle of Sweatcoin is quite simple: With the GPS trackers of your smartphone, the app measures how many steps you take each day. For every 1000 steps you will be paid a reward in the form of a digital currency – just the eponymous “Sweatcoin”. In the standard version of the app, 1000 steps are equivalent to 0.95 Sweatcoin. And what is that worth? The online portal sweatcoin-info estimates that a sweatcoin has a real value of 0.01 to 0.09 euros. Thus, 11 to 100 sweatcoins are worth about one euro.

1000 steps = 0.95 SW

You can then exchange your sweatcoins on a marketplace for offers or rewards. For example, Amazon vouchers or PayPal funds are available in exchange for the coins. Furthermore, nutritional products, yoga classes or discounts on clothes and running shoes are offered on the marketplace. The app is eventually funded mainly through partnerships with sporting goods manufacturers. It gets really expensive if you want to buy consumer electronics with your Sweatcoins: An iPhone 8 costs around 20,000 sweatcoins – the equivalent of 20 million steps. For most users this should be unattainable.

High hurdles & technical problems

The thing has however a catch: If you use the app for free in the “Mover” version, you can bag a maximum of 5 Sweatcoins daily. The upgrade versions “Breaker”, “Shaker” and “Trouble Maker” cost you up to 30 sweatcoins per month, but also allow you to earn up to 20 sweatcoins per day. But it would take a whopping 20,000 steps – an estimated 15 to 20 kilometers. So really worth the app only for endurance runners and real fitness junkies. All the more annoying is that the app actually measures only seven out of ten steps after evaluations of the fitness portal.

Also, keep in mind that Sweatcoin only works outside and collects data about you at the same time. The app knows your location and your daily pattern of movement. You should only install them if that does not bother you.

Conclusion: Can you earn money with sports?

The sports crypto currency Sweatcoin is an interesting bonus program for those who already daily cover many steps or want to move more in the future. In return for your physical activity, small vouchers and discounts will beckons you. But you have to be willing to pay with your data. In addition, the barriers to high-quality rewards are very high. Rich as Ronaldo will not make you the app. But even if you should not make big profits with Sweatcoin, the app is at least a good motivation boost to finally move more. And that certainly does not harm anyone.

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