Sweatcoin Hack android & ios

Sweatcoin Hack android & ios

The new fitness app Sweatcoin rewards users with money for completing running sessions. Those who do not want to sweat themselves, but still want to cash rewards, are looking for a Sweatcoin hack to trick the app. Read the article to find out the benefits of using a sweatcoin hack.

We’ll tell you what’s up with the so-called Sweatcoin hack. In addition, you will learn what you should do with hacked or modded APKs.


If you want to find out about Sweatcoin hack on Youtube , you will quickly come across various videos that offer an alleged Sweatcoin hack. What is behind these so-called Sweatcoin hack ios? Do these work?

What is a Sweatcoin Hack?

With a Sweatcoin Hack or Sweatcoin Cheats called, an attempt is made to generate steps Sweatcoins. So you should get sweatcoins for not moving anyway. This is against the terms of use of the app itself.

Which Sweatcoin hack are there?

It shows different methods of users who want to help you to get more coins. Simply put, there is no Sweatcoin hack or cheat!

Software / Modified APK

Various Sweatcoin cheat software or modified Android or iOS versions of the Sweatcoin app circulate on the net. Keep your fingers away. These apps are mostly infected with malware and do not work at all.

how to make sweatcoin fast

Also often seen on the net: people who simply shake their smartphone quite often or even in a sock fling back and forth. Visible, the steps are counted there. That’s all very well and works too. Only these steps still need to be converted into sweatcoin steps. And there you often get charged only 10% of the steps.

Link method

In the videos the advertising link of Sweatcoin is often indicated in the description. It is often said that when you click on the links you get 5 or 25 sweatcoins. This also does not work because only the video creator gets sweatcoins when you install the app via its link.

Beware of sweatcoin hack

Please just keep your hands off these hacks or techniques. You risk not only a virus or damage to your smartphone but also an account suspension. And it would be annoying if your honestly earned coins are suddenly gone.

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Sweatcoin Hack for iOS and Android: Is it easy to dust coins?

Granted, the idea of ??hacking the Sweatcoin app sounds seductive at first. Just sit back, do nothing and cash in on that. Actually, it should be clear that such a thing does not work and of course is strictly prohibited. To our knowledge, there is currently no working Sweatcoin hack . And if there were, he’d probably disappear very quickly, as Sweatcoin’s developers want to make money with their app.

On the net, you can find various sites and YouTube tutorials with methods to get unlimited Sweatcoins fast. These are usually fraudsters and fakes . With these offers, you will be lured to dubious websites where you should provide your personal information and telephone number. These data are then abused for various purposes.

Outsmarting the GPS from Sweatcoin: is that possible?

Theoretically, one could outsmart the GPS capture of Sweatcoin and pretend that one is moving. However, Sweatcoin recognizes that when you are indoors, it will not work for you at home. In addition, Sweatcoin uses a fairly sophisticated security system. Therefore, only about 70% of the steps are counted – more about this in our practical tip on Sweatcoin .

Sweatcoin Hack Android & Ios

Sweatcoin hack ios works completely online.Therefore you dont need a sweatcoin hack apk or any modded file.You can use it from any browser.Just a mobile and working internet is needed.

Very popular among Android users are also modified APK files . These are well-known apps that have been changed by users and supplemented with additional features. APK files are mainly meant to be installed on the phone or smartphone without Google Play Store. Watch the video explaining the process:

Problem: APK files are very often infected with viruses or Trojans due to Google’s lack of “monitoring” in the Play Store . This is especially true for illegal APKs that promise you hacks and cheats. If you see a Sweatcoin Hack android on the net, you have to assume that this is a fake . Do not download the file and do not install it on your Android device to avoid damage.

How is Sweatcoin financed?

To be paid for running? And without any hitching? How does it work and how can the company Sweatcoin make any money with it?

With the Sweatcoin app you can turn your steps into money. So for the steps you get bonuses and offers. And that’s where the secret lies. Sweatcoin has several deals with some partners in the health sector. For example, a sports outfit manufacturer has the opportunity to use the marketplace of Sweatcoin to place his products there.

For a few sweatcoins you can enjoy good discounts here. Thus, the manufacturer has the opportunity to advertise and her the opportunity to get discounted products. It is always worthwhile to see in the Sweatcoin marketplace, which offers there are currently. Really good deals are usually limited in the number of pieces and so you often have to be fast.

So you do not have to be afraid that the app is not funded. In addition, there was also a financing of $ 6.3 billion, according to Crunchbase .

Does Sweatcoin work without Internet?

Not everywhere you go, you have access to the mobile data or wifi with your smartphone. But then my Sweatcoin steps are lost, if I have no reception?

To answer this question it is important to understand how the Sweatcoin app works. The steps are tracked by means of GPS data and the movement sensors of the smartphone. These steps are not converted 1: 1 into sweatcoins, but only in Sweatcoin steps. This happens automatically every 2000 steps. Of these, approx. 65% of the actual steps are evaluated by the algorithm.

As a result, the steps on your smartphone are now recorded even without the Internet. If you are offline, these steps will be tracked, but no Sweatcoin steps are taken. Only when you are connected to the Internet again, these steps are verified and transmitted. Thus, you can also briefly record offline steps and later convert.

More about sweatcoin

On this website I answer questions, go into detail and give advice on how to make the most of this emerging digital currency. I highly recommend that you read the FAQs about Sweatcoin to get started with the topic. And when you’re ready, download the Sweatcoin app to your smartphone for instant money. It is completely free and does not ask for your personal information. If you have any questions, please contact me and I will answer you!

What is Sweatcoin?

Sweatcoin is an app that rewards you for your outdoor physical activity.

This app tracks the outdoor steps you take throughout the day and pays you a “digital currency” that you can redeem on the marketplace for rewards. Sweatcoin is the only one of its kind; No other digital currency can reward physical activity with free gifts!

The app runs in the background and consumes very little battery and bandwidth. Leave the app open and start your day. From time to time, log in and see what coins you can redeem. Recommend the app to your friends and family and get 5 Sweatcoin per referral. Look daily at the offer marketplace to be one of the first to take advantage of a new offer – keep in mind that offers either expire or are quickly sold out, requiring daily marketplace monitoring.

Sweatcoin is free as companies use it to market their businesses and products. It is 100% reputable, secure and trustworthy. The more you use the Sweatcoin Marketplace, the more you will learn how rewarding each offer is.

How many steps do you take in one day?

Sweatcoin can inspire you to rethink your physical activity.
I downloaded this app for the first time in December 2016. Thought it was fun to try for a few weeks. I left the app running in the background and kept running every day (as I normally would, I did not change my running routine). It took several weeks and I forgot the app altogether. When I finally checked my balance, I was shocked at how many coins I had purchased during this time.

The first offer I bought was a “Try The World” box that contained gourmet food and ingredients from a particular country. This specific offer included 30 sweat coin for $ 30 off your purchase . (Only $ 10 left to buy.) When I received the Try The World Box by post, I was over the quality that this company provided, and I got it for a fraction of the cost that I would do in a store , At this point I realized that Sweatcoin is on the way there.

Sweatcoin hack generator

It was around this time, when I created this website, to help others learn about Sweatcoin for the first time. In the beginning there were so many questions that I had and there were no easy answers. This website is designed to help new Sweatcoin users learn more about the app, use the Offers Marketplace, learn tips and tricks to maximize the effectiveness of their physical activity, and be encouraged to move outdoors ……

(Update January 2018 …. 15 months later!) This app still rewards me for my athletic activity. After 400 days of running in a row, I generated a ton of sweatcoin and traded a dozen free offers. With the recent announcement suggesting promising future opportunities, I can say with confidence that Sweatcoin will continue to change the way the world thinks about running and running.

Sweatcoin in practice: That’s good for the new fitness app

Move and also get money for it? This is exactly what the fitness app Sweatcoin promises: the app pays you for every step you take. Does that really work? And is it really worth sweating with Sweatcoin? We looked at it all.

Sweatcoin has become a real hit in a short time. In Germany, the app was even more popular after the launch than the omnipresent messenger service WhatsApp. Surprisingly, of course, that’s not all: After all, Sweatcoin promises to get money for an activity many people already do: running. However, the thing has some snags .

Sweatcoin Experiences: This is how the fitness app works

Sweatcoin basically works quite simply: Thanks to motion detection and GPS tracking, the app measures every step of your life and pays you for every 1000 steps taken. You do not get any real money, but the art currency Sweatcoin.

Sweatcoins only measures outdoor steps – so you really have to get out in the fresh air and do a lap in the park. Actually, not a bad idea, but detecting the steps does not work very well. The algorithm does not measure every step you take, but only about 70%. In addition, too slow steps are also not counted. Walkers go out so empty.

Thus, Sweatcoin misses in our opinion, the actual goal, namely to bring down Sportmuffel from the sofa. Anyone who has been looking for motivation as a fitness beginner to defeat the inner bastard will probably not find it with Sweatcoin.

Sweatcoin: What bonuses are there?

But what about the bonuses? After all, you can “walk” really great things, right? Here too, disillusionment sets in relatively quickly. Affordable offerings include, for example, online yoga classes, muscle building classes or fitness wearables.

In addition, the daily changing offerings also include technology products such as iPhones or flat screen televisions. However, the costs are not really realistic. An iPhone 8 is available for about 20,000 sweatcoins. If you count 1 Sweatcoin for 1000 steps (in reality, it is a little less), you would have to complete about 20 million steps – this is probably reserved only for motivated.

How can you get sweatcoins?

In addition to running, there are a few other ways to get to the Sweatcoins. You get, for example, 5 coins for each friend or acquaintance to whom you recommend the app via a link. You can also watch promotional videos and get a small reward as well.

Problem: As a free user, you can earn a maximum of 5 Sweatcoins a day. For example, to get a fitness bracelet * , you would have to run for months. But many offers are only one week online, so there is not enough time left – unless you sign up for a subscription. And of course that costs money, which you can create more meaningfully.

Currently these subscription models are available:

  • “Mover” – Free use of the app
  • “Shaker” – 4.75 SWC / month – Earn up to 10 coins per day or 300 coins per month
  • “Quaker” – 20 SWC / month – Earn up to 15 coins per day or 450 coins per month
  • “Breaker” – 30 SWC / month – Earn up to 20 coins per day or 600 coins per month

Other points to keep in mind:

  • If you actively quit Sweatcoin (by wiping), no steps are counted, so the app has to run in the background.
  • Who uses the app, a higher battery consumption – even if the developers of Sweatcoin point out that the app is very battery-saving.
  • Theoretically, there is also the possibility that such apps use your smartphone for mining purposes. You will notice that the device gets very hot due to the overuse of the processor.


From the idea, Sweatcoin is not bad, but there is a lack of implementation. Anyone who runs regularly anyway, can look at the app. To get the really exciting bonuses, the hurdles are set very high. It should also be clear that the app collects a lot of user data and track the location.